A truly unique coastal experience

Tora is one of the last untouched coastal areas close to Wellington and the Wairarapa. All sections on the Estate enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean with shared ownership of a large waterfront reserve that will protect your outlook forever.

Estate enquiries : phone 0274 399 398
or email on info@awhea.co.nz

Draw Terms & Conditions

  1. Four sections will be discounted to 50% of the current asking price (prices as shown on this website). To be eligible to enter, prospective purchasers must pre-register on the website and be in attendance on the day of the draw. Successful entrants will be drawn at random at 12:00pm, Saturday 7th May 2016 at Stony Bay Lodge, 81d Te Awaiti Road, Tora.
  2. Six people will be drawn, the four first parties drawn in order will be eligible to purchase their chosen section on a first come first serve basis, followed by two back up winners who will get the first right to buy a section at a 50% discount to the purchase price should any of the first four parties not go unconditional two weeks after the draw.
  3. Winners on the day get the choice to sign a standard Auckland District Sale and Purchase contract, conditional on due diligence (which means they can cancel the contract for any reason) up to two weeks after the draw. Alternatively if the winner felt uncomfortable about signing a sale and purchase contract on the day, they are free to take a copy to show their solicitor after the draw. In this situation the winner must have a conditional sale and purchase signed within a week of the draw, and go unconditional a week thereafter (i.e. all winners must either go unconditional within two weeks of the draw date).
  4. Only one entry per household is permitted.
  5. The 50% discount to the purchase price only applies to Stages 1 and 2.
  6. No party may assign, transfer or nominate the Sale and Purchase Agreement once signed.
  7. The Vendor and its agents make no representation or warranty about the draw, the process of the draw, or any implied terms for the draw. The selection on the day will be final.
  8. The purchaser enters into the proposed sale and purchase agreement entirely in reliance of its own judgement and inquiries.

Estate Convenants

All sections enjoy covenants that protect owners values as the subdivision is developed. They ensure that whoever builds next door to your section don’t use second-hand materials as they have to build new houses.

Other owners can’t park and store unwarranted derelict cars, trucks or other machinery (which are unsightly), can’t leave rubbish lying around their section, and are required to build decent sized houses not little sheds (all houses must be at least 100 square metres).

These covenants ensure the subdivision looks and maintains a high quality feel and becomes a development you can be proud of. These covenants are available for download as a PDF here.

Thanks, you’re in the draw!


About Awhea Coastal Estate

This is your opportunity to share in a unique property development and conservation initiative. Awhea Coastal Estate is situated in Tora which lies on the east coast of Wairarapa only 1 3/4 hours from Wellington.

Despite being so close to the second largest city in New Zealand, this is truly dramatic country. Escape from the crowds, lose yourself in this remarkable setting.

Awhea Coastal Estate presents a rare opportunity to get back to nature. Local attractions include a seal colony adjacent to your property, a protected area of bush to the rear, a boat launch area, horse riding, surfing and an abundance of crayfish, paua and fishing. You will also be a part of an upmarket subdivision in an untouched part of this coastline whilst only fourty minutes away from the vineyards, restaurants and cafes of Martinborough township.

Awhea Coastal Estate is a large sanctuary of 55ha but it will contain only 24 sections. The Estate will provide 41ha of land to the QE2 Trust in order to enhance and protect this area as a wildlife sanctuary. This will give the Estate’s privileged owners an overwhelming sense of privacy, a welcome contrast to busy city life.

Demand for this coastline will increase with the improvements in state highway two to the Wairarapa and the growth of nearby Martinborough and Greytown. Awhea Coastal Estate is a spectacular property that will preserve its natural beauty and character for a small group of owners to enjoy and care for.

Development Stages

frequently asked questions


What is special about Tora?

Tora is one of the last untouched coastal areas 2 hours drive from Wellington. Local attractions include a seal colony adjacent to the property, a protected bush area to the rear of your property, a boat launch area within 5 minutes’ drive, horse riding, surfing, fishing and an abundance of crayfish, paua and other sea life. Tora is only half an hour away from Martinborough township which boasts a movie theatre, golf course, top restaurants and cafés and some of the leading vineyards in New Zealand.


How many sections are there?

24 Sections


Is this waterfront property?

Yes. Whilst the individual titles are set back from the water’s edge to maximise views, the common areas run down to the beach.


What am I buying?

You are purchasing a freehold title (approximately 800 to 1,000 square metres) along with a 1/24th share of all the common area which is approximately 52 hectares.


What is included in the common area?

The common area includes the QE11 covenanted bush area behind the sections, the wetlands, the wastewater system and the remainder of the land that runs down to the water’s edge.


Who maintains the common areas?

Most of the common area has been set aside as regenerating bush with a QE11 covenant to protect it. The residual is grazed by sheep and maintained by a local farmer.


Are there covenants on the type of house I can build?

Yes. When purchasing a section in a new subdivision there is always a concern about what your neighbours will build next to you and what other houses in the subdivision will ultimately look like. Our covenants protect purchasers by ensuring all houses are designed and built to a high standard. The covenants also ensure the sections are well maintained and free from unsightly vehicles, equipment and rubbish.


Who oversees the covenants and management of common areas?

A committee of co-owners will be formed to administer and manage the common areas and building covenants. Elections are held each year and all owners are entitled to vote and be on the committee if elected.


What services are provided with my section?

The services supplied to each site are all underground to preserve the natural environment and include:

  • Electricity
  • Wastewater (a connection to a communal system)
  • Telephone
  • Water from one of the local fresh water springs (which is designed to augment water collected from your roof)
The owner will need to provide are a water tank and a holding tank for wastewater.


What will Awhea Coastal Estate look like when finished?

Awhea Coastal Estate will be a subdivision that is well integrated into the coastal environment. All houses will be new and the grounds landscaped. House colours will be recessive in colour and in harmony with the ambiance of the coast.


What is the subdivision completion date?

Titles have been issued and sections are now available for sale.


I would like to have a look around?

Please call us on 0274 399 398 to arrange for someone to show you around the subdivision.